It’s certainly not a collaboration we saw coming but James Cameron’s Avatar is reportedly coming to Fortnite with a Jake Sully skin!

Is there any franchise that Fortnite won’t eventually collaborate with? Evidence suggests not, as two more major collabs are reportedly in the game’s immediate future.

Fans of Devil May Cry will be happy to see Dante finally arriving in Epic Games’ Battle Royale. But the biggest news of the day is that James Cameron’s blockbuster franchise will also reportedly be coming to Fortnite!

Avatar Collaboration Leaks

According to reliable industry insider Shpeshal_Nick, Jake Sully from James Cameron’s Avatar franchise will be coming to Fortnite.

The leaker, who previously leaked the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and Doom Slayer collabs well ahead of the characters’ official reveals in Fortnite, now has two new reveals for the Battle Royale.

After breaking the news that Dante from Devil May Cry will be arriving in-game, the insider reveals that he’s also been told that Avatar’s Jake Sully will be coming to Fortnite.

The reveal was made on the XboxEra podcast at 3:07:07; we’ve timestamped the exact moment for you below:

As for when the Avatar protagonist will be coming to Fortnite, that’s still relatively unclear. Reportedly, the insider heard about the TMNT collaboration 2-3 years before it eventually became a reality – and it didn’t even drop alongside the Mutant Mayhem movie which debuted in 2023.

As such, we can’t even expect that the Jake Sully Fortnite skin will arrive alongside Avatar 3 in 2023. It may drop at any point, or perhaps never at all.

After all, not all of Shpeshal_Nick’s Fortnite predictions have come true – yet. Last month he even dropped the bombshell that Kermit the Frog was coming to the Battle Royale, which we can all only hope is real.

Is Avatar Too Big?

In Shpeshal_Nick’s eyes, there are some issues with Jake Sully’s supposed Fortnite collaboration.

As the cast of the XboxEra podcast points out, Sully’s human body would be an uninteresting collaboration (and he’s technically also wheelchair-bound).

Still, the character’s Na’vi appearance would be far too large for a standard skin if the game takes into consideration their canon height at 9-10 feet tall.

avatar jake sully bow and arrow
Credit: Disney

However, this likely isn’t an issue for Epic Games’ Battle Royale, which already features the likes of Optimus Prime as a standard-size Outfit.

If this rumor does prove true, chances are Sully’s avatar would simply be scaled to the size of a regular Fortnite hitbox.

For now, all we can do is wait for confirmation from Epic Games (or for the Avatar skin to get officially datamined).

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