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Jake Paul KO’s Ben Askren In First Round Victory

Jake Paul has defeated former UFC fighter, Ben Askren, in his latest fight. The former YouTube star and polarising internet celebrity has managed to secure another win in a sensational first-round knockout.

Jake Paul has managed to defeat Ben Askren, a former UFC fighter in his latest fight. Interestingly, the aspiring boxer has an undefeated record so far with three consecutive wins.

Jake Paul
Jake Paul

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However, Paul’s latest fight was supposed to be his toughest challenge yet. Ben Askren was believed to be the next barrier for the YouTube star to overcome. It appears that Jake Paul was not concerned with the challenge, managing to defeat Askren quickly, with a first-round victory.

Interestingly, the fighter is already planning on bringing out a boxing documentary coming this year. Although he is a relative newcomer to the sport, and it might seem somewhat presumptuous, Paul is proving his commitment to a boxing career.

Jake Paul Defeats Ben Askren In Knockout Victory

After a vicious one-two combo, Askren was quickly knocked out very early on in the first round. Understandably Paul was elated at his victory, and he had the following to say regarding his knockout victory:

I told y’all I was gonna do it in the first round. I told y’all I’m a real fighter.

(Source: Jake Paul)

Furthermore, Ben Askren has since made a statement claiming that he will not fight again after his KO loss to Jake Paul. The winner took to Twitter to announce his victory, asking “who should I retire next?”

(Source: Twitter)

Interestingly, It appears that Jake has plans to take his career even further. Logan Paul, the eldest of the Paul siblings, also took to Twitter to celebrate his brothers’ victory, deciding to tag former American professional boxer, Floyd Mayweather, in his post.

However, Logan Paul himself has been showing up in the fighting community recently. Recently Logan Paul was hit by Kevin Owens’ stone-cold stunner at Wrestlemania 37.

Similarly, popular Esports personality Tyler1 has announced a $10,000 Twitch Rivals powerlifting event. It appears that everyone is trying their hand at the competitive scene at the moment.

Ludwig’s Subathon is finally over after breaking Ninja’s sub-record. Ludwig is now officially the new king of Twitch with the most subscribers yet. Furthermore, you may be curious to see how Ludwig was able to survive his Subathon event.

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