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Jake Paul Boxing Documentary Is Coming This Year

Popular internet personality Jake Paul has revealed his own Boxing documentary, set for release this year. Although many have a love-hate relationship with Jake Paul, the documentary will attempt to show the development of his boxing career.

Although the internet celeb is fairly new to the scene, this has not stopped him from bringing out his own Boxing documentary. It might seem a bit big-headed given that he has only competed in three matches across the course of his ‘career’.

Despite this, Jake Paul fans can expect to see the story of his boxing experience told on screen in 2021. Here is what Jake Paul has said regarding the planned documentary.

Jake Paul Boxing Documentary Coming 2021

Jake Paul, a newcomer to the world of Boxing has confirmed that his documentary will release at some point in 2021. Interestingly enough, Jake Paul has also confirmed that a few more surprises are in store for fans.

Paul’s career began after an amateur fight against popular internet celebrity KSI’s younger brother, Deji Olatunji. Shortly after, Jake Paul turned to the professional side of Boxing.

Following on from this, In his next fight, he went up against Youtuber AnEsonGib to secure another victory. His latest challenge was against NBA star Nate Robinson, to which he was also successful.

Although Jake Paul has had a flawless record so far (despite his short career), his next match is against Ben Askren. It is believed this will be his toughest fight yet.

Jake Paul Boxing Documentary
Jake Paul Boxing Documentary

Furthermore, the popular internet celebrity has also been harassing none other than Conor McGregor. Despite this, the former Ultimate Fighting Championship featherweight and lightweight champion does not appear to be interested in fighting Paul.

In a recent interview Jake Paul has this to say regarding his planned Boxing documentary coming this year.

I’m working on some exciting things and some exciting announcements. I have a boxing documentary that should be coming out this year, fingers crossed. We’ve been really working hard on that for the past year.”

(Jake Paul – SunSport Interview)

Interestingly, Jake Paul has remained close-lipped on what these other announcements could be. However, rest assured, fans can expect to see further exciting developments.

Despite his lack of experience, Jake Paul does appear to be taking the Boxing world by storm. In other entertainment news, Twitch TV’s Ludwig has just become the biggest streamer on Twitch in his ongoing subathon.

If you’re curious how Twitch streamer Ludwig has managed to survive a 9-day subathon, you can see how he was able to do it right here.

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