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JackFrags Reveals How to Beat Warzone SBMM & Get Easy Games

YouTuber JackFrags has tested Warzone SBMM and found the best ways to get easy games.

Skill-based matchmaking (or SBMM for short) is a highly controversial topic in Warzone at the moment. Players are able to manipulate Warzone SBMM to get easy games.

Streamers have been accused of cheating by abusing SBMM to get easy lobbies. This is especially a problem for competitive Warzone and brings the legitimacy of tournaments into doubt.

Meanwhile, these two players who set a Warzone kills record have been accused of manipulating SBMM

It is instances like these, that led to JackFrags running some in-depth tests into Warzone SBMM.

JackFrags’ Warzone SBMM Tests

Activision has never disclosed how SBMM works in Warzone, so JackFrags took it upon himself to work it out. He entered Warzone matchmaking 105 times over the period of three days and recorded his results.

He started matchmaking at different times and also used a VPN to get into different servers around the world. JackFrags then found the difficulty of his Warzone lobby using the Warzone SBMM website.

In case you want to try it as well, here’s how to find out your Warzone SBMM level.

He recorded what time, geographical area and assigned Warzone SBMM difficulty level every time he found a match. Some interesting patterns about how Warzone SBMM finds matches appeared, including when to play to get easy games.

Warzone SBMM Easy Games

How To Get Easy Warzone Matches

JackFrags has come to the conclusion that Warzone SBMM most likely searches for games based on skill level first. It then uses ping (or latency) and, finally, considers the time the player has waited to get into a match.

This is interesting because he also found that Warzone matchmaking is a lot less effective when there are fewer players playing.

Warzone should have put JackFrags into a high Diamond level lobby every time because of his 2.8 KD ratio. However, he found that at certain times of the day, his lobbies would be much easier.

6 PM – 10PM gives the most difficult matches, while early morning and late-night players are much likelier to get easy lobbies. This is because less players are playing at those times and so Warzone can’t always matchmake using player skill.

Therefore a simple way to get Warzone SBMM to give you easy games is by playing at less busy times – JackFrags says early mornings are the best for this. However, using a VPN to connect to a low-population server also helps.

Using a VPN in Warzone

Low-population servers, such as Egypt, where there are fewer people trying to join Warzone games are also more likely to matchmake players into an easy lobby.

Therefore players can use VPNs to hop around worldwide servers to make sure they are always playing in that time zone’s early morning period. Players can abuse this to make sure they almost always get an easy lobby.

Watch JackFrags‘ video to see all of his Warzone SBMM testing and how to get easy games.

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