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It Costs Over $1000 to Buy Everything in the Halo Infinite Item Shop

Halo fans have worked out the insane cost of buying every cosmetic item in the Halo Infinite Shop. Who would pay this much for in-game skins?

Gamers absolutely love how Halo Infinite plays but many have problems with its systems outside of the shooting. Unfortunately, but rather predictably, the microtransactions have come under fire.

Players who complain that there are no free-to-play customization items in Halo Infinite won’t want to hear this news.

One member of the community has worked out how much all of the upcoming Halo Infinite bundles will cost in the shop. It’s an eye-watering amount!

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Halo Infinite Item Shop
343 Industries

Halo Infinite Shop Bundles Cost Over $1000 in Total

A data miner leaked all of the upcoming Halo Infinite Shop bundles and now a member of the community has worked out how much it would cost to buy them all.

There are 88 bundles set to go on sale in the Halo Infinite Shop soon, so it makes sense that it would cost a lot to buy them all. However, the actual fee seems ridiculous.

Redditor u/samurai1226 has worked out that it would cost you around $1035 to purchase every upcoming bundle in the item shop.

This has made players in the community very annoyed, even if the game is free-to-play. The worst aspect of this is that fan-favorite armors will be locked behind a paywall in the Halo infinite Shop.

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Halo Infinite Platinum Anniversary Armor Coating
343 Industries

Armor parts for fan-favorite characters like Carter, Emile, and Jorge will be locked behind a paywall, plus it looks the upcoming samurai-style Yoroi armor will have customization items in the store too.

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This is a huge departure from previous Halo games which let players unlock all of the customization items with hard work rather than money. Let’s hope that 343 Industries reconsiders its pricing of microtransactions or adds some more free items soon.

Luckily, players can still unlock some items for free and don’t have to buy items from the Halo Infinite Shop. Firstly, the Halo Infinite campaign will let players unlock multiplayer items for free.

Plus, there are still some totally free items up for grabs fr a limited time:

samurai1226 Reddit

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Wednesday 24th of November 2021

..................and its not even out yet because, as the Xbots say "LEAVE IT ALONE, its a beta" lol.