Fortnite is returning to the Chapter 1 map in the upcoming Chapter 4 Season 5 update, but could Zero Build be removed after we time travel?

There’s no question that Fortnite Zero Build mode revitalized the game, bringing in countless new players to Epic Games’ battle royale.

The mode removed Fortnite’s iconic building mechanic, as well as introducing features such as sprinting and mantling, to the game to help balance out the lack of portable cover.

Fortnite Chapter 1 Loot Lake

But now, sprinting, mantling and more are reportedly set to be removed as we travel back in time to Chapter 1. And with that in mind, will Zero Build be coming with us at all?

Will Zero Build Be Removed in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 5?

No, it is unlikely that Zero Build mode will be removed from Fortnite in Chapter 4 Season 5.

In fact, reliable leaker Shiina reports that zip lines will be present throughout the returning map to help Zero Build play better.

Fans are worried that Zero Build could be missing from the new season because it wasn’t present back in Chapter 1.

It appears that Epic Games wants the new Fortnite season to feel precisely like it did back in Chapter 1 Season 5, and leaks state that everything from old props to iconic weaponry will be returning.

However, reports now indicate that newer mechanics such as sprinting and mantling will be removed – things that were introduced alongside Zero Build – and that has fans of the mode worried that the playlist itself may be missing.

Fortnite Ziplines

Thankfully, if zip lines (and leaks also tease grind rails) are added to the Chapter 1 map, it may be reasonable to expect Zero Build to be playable on the map.

Is Zero Build Coming to Chapter 4 Season 5? All the Evidence


  • Zero Build is a significant portion of the player base that would leave the game if the mode was missing
  • Leaked zip lines and grind rails will make Chapter 1 map accessible
  • Epic Games is unlikely to abandon a mode that contributes so much to Item Shop sales and Fortnite Crew subscriptions


  • Game files suggest sprinting and mantling will be temporarily vaulted
  • Zero Build wasn’t present in Chapter 1 Season 5, and it appears Epic is going for authenticity
  • The Chapter 1 map isn’t built with Zero Build in mind
  • The new update is set to be only one month long, and Zero Build could return in Chapter 5 Season 1

Ultimately, we’ll just have to wait and see what Epic Games does with the upcoming update. But we’d be shocked to see Zero Build go missing, mostly due to the fact that it’s such a big money maker for Fortnite.

However, the time travel season appears to be a love letter to classic Fortnite fans, so anything is possible!

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