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Is Warzone Cheating Worse After the Season 3 Update?

Warzone cheating appears to be at an all-time high, according to players, after the Season 3 update.

Cheating and Warzone are two words that just go hand-in-hand. Ever since the battle royale launched in March 2020, thousands of cheaters have landed in Verdansk.

Given that the average lobby holds around 140 players at most, a single hacker can ruin the fun for the entire game’s population. And despite Warzone having over 100 million accounts to date, Raven Software reports that it’s banned upwards of 475,000 cheaters already.

(Source: Activision)

But with Warzone’s free-to-play price tag and the accessibility of its blueprints, gamers can hop right back in even after being banned. The cheating issue is getting so bad that some Warzone players brag about using hacks when live on stream.

There are plenty of malicious players out there not even trying to hide their cheats. And, despite Activision claiming that Warzone anti-cheat investments are coming soon, the game feels less safe than ever.

If you’re seeing a huge spike in Warzone cheaters, you could be shadowbanned!

Warzone Hackers in Season 3 Are Getting Worse

It seems that Warzone hackers are getting worse in Season 3, according to new player reports.

In a post on the CODWarzone subreddit, users discuss an increase in cheating after the Season 3 update. Whether cheaters are actually increasing in volume is unclear, but it certainly feels that way to the player base.

“I never use to encounter cheaters, or when I did maybe I am just not good enough to spot it,” one Reddit user reports. “As of late, however, out of 10 games a day I’d find 3 that are just snapping from head to head through walls and showing off their hacks when you spectate.”

Several commenters agree with the claim, with more than one acknowledging that Warzone cheating is “the worst it’s ever been by far.”

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Warzone Season 3
(Source: Activision)

At the start of 2021, Activision promised to fix Warzone cheating for good. In a recent interview, Raven Software again commented on the cheating situation, assuring fans that the development team hates those players who try to ruin their work.

But some content creators believe that Warzone anti-cheat is not even possible at this point. Right now, Warzone’s Season 3 meta is perfectly balanced, but cheating is still ruining the game.

It’s no wonder that many creators are already considering a jump to Battlefield’s battle royale at launch.

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Thursday 27th of May 2021

Massive more cheaters in all my games just after starting season 3. i desinstalled the game.