Call of Duty MW3 is changing up Activision’s Battle Royale in a major way but is Warzone 3 coming out to replace the current game?

There are many rumors that the new Warzone experience will be called Warzone 3. We’re here to tell you why that’s not the case.

Is There a Warzone 3?

No, the new Modern Warfare 3 integration will not be called Warzone 3. Activision refers to the new Battle Royale content as ‘Warzone,’ suggesting that no re-branding will occur this time.

However, Warzone is undergoing major changes with MW3’s integration, with much faster, fluid movement coming over from the new Call of Duty title.

It will certainly feel like a new game, much like Warzone 2 did when compared to 2020’s Battle Royale.

Call of Duty Warzone Season 1 MW3 Operators

In addition, fans can expect significant Quality of Life adjustments, such as adding the ability to manually equip Gas Masks, or use Pistols while swimming.

The game will also feature a faster pace, with gas circles driving the game forward and a map with greater movement options, such as horizontal ziplines and a drivable train!

As for why the new experience isn’t actually called Warzone 3, this brief rundown of what went wrong with Warzone 2 should help explain matters:

A History of Warzone & Warzone 2.0

Fans will likely remember that 2022’s Modern Warfare 2 release brought with it a brand-new BR experience that Activision dubbed ‘Warzone 2.0‘.

This would go on to be a widely unpopular move, with the new take on Warzone being seen by many fans as vastly inferior to the original, while simultaneously ceasing support for the older title.

Eventually, Warzone 1, now called Warzone Caldera, would even go offline forever, forcing all COD Battle Royale fans to Warzone 2, which quietly re-branded itself as simply: Warzone.

Warzone 2 Key Art

Now, a year on from Warzone 2’s release, Activision has steadily walked back almost all of the changes made to the original Battle Royale title, making it play far closer to its predecessor.

And after the company made such a critical mistake once, we’re certain it’s not about to make that same error a second time.

It’s also much easier to pitch one consistent product, ‘Warzone,’ than spend time and money marketing a third entry.

Plus, now that the game is part of the new Call of Duty HQ hub, fans do not need to download an entirely new application. Warzone will likely never change its title again – or at least, not anytime soon.

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