New evidence suggests that Warzone’s original Battle Royale map, Verdansk, could be coming back in MW3! Here’s what we know:

COD players dropped into Verdansk for the first time in March 2020, on the surprise launch day of Call of Duty Warzone. And although fans quickly fell in love with the new Battle Royale, many felt like Verdansk itself got a little stale by the end of its lifespan.

After all, it wasn’t until December 2021 (1 year and 9 months later) that we finally said farewell to the Battle Royale map for good. Finally, after almost 2 years, Caldera was finally here!

And ever since then, fans have been calling for Verdansk to come back.

Is Verdansk Coming Back in COD MW3?

Yes, it appears that Verdansk could be coming back in MW3, though probably not to Warzone.

The iconic Battle Royale map was shown in a recent tease for the villainous Makarov’s return in Modern Warfare 3, suggesting that it will feature in the game’s campaign.

Other leaks suggest that Verdansk may return as part of MW3’s rumored Outbreak-style Zombies experience, though no such mode has been confirmed.

However, it’s very unlikely that the map will feature in Warzone once again. After all, we already have new leaks for the Warzone map coming alongside MW3 – and it’s not Verdansk!

According to reliable insider Metaphor, who was able to reveal gameplay details about MW2 and Al Mazrah prior to launch, the new Warzone map does have a downtown section which he describes as very similar to Verdansk.

However, the leaker claims that Overwatch, a map from the original MW3, will appear at the top of the biggest building in the POI. Therefore, even if the area is Verdansk-inspired, don’t expect a direct copy.

Why Do Fans Think Verdansk Is Coming Back?

In the new Makarov reveal trailer, several areas from Verdansk make an appearance.

The map’s prison and the iconic Verdansk Stadium both feature in the footage, which is teasing the villain’s return for MW3.

However, it is likely that these locations will simply appear in the MW3 Campaign, rather than a new Battle Royale experience.

The good news is that you can hop back into Verdansk in Warzone Mobile today! The bad news is that it’s not currently available in all regions, and those outside of supported locations will need to use a VPN to play.

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