If you were hoping to play MW3 (2023) with friends, but they’re picking it up on a different platform, then you’ll need to know if the game will be cross platform at launch.

Cross Platform, or crossplay allows people to play with one another regardless of which platform they’re on. For example, it allows Xbox users to play with PlayStation users.

So, is MW3 (2023) cross platform? Below we outline everything you need to know and whether you can expect to see the feature in MW3 (2023).

Is MW3 (2023) Cross Platform?

Yes, it is extremely likely that COD MW3 (2023) will be cross platform at launch, allowing users to play with each other across PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

While this hasn’t been officially confirmed by Activision or Sledgehammer Games, the chances of MW3 (2023) being cross platform is high.

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Recently, MW2 (2022), COD Vanguard, Black Ops Cold War, and Modern Warfare (2019) have all come with crossplay at launch, allowing players from every platform to play together.

Can You Turn Off Crossplay in MW3 (2023)?

Yes, there is a very good chance that, like MW2 (2022) and other COD games, MW3 (2023) will include the option to turn crossplay off if you so desire.

Turning off crossplay will ensure that you only play against people on the same platform as you. This can have its advantages.

For example, playing against PC players while on console can put you at a slight disadvantage, largely due to the quicker react times when using a mouse compared to a joystick.

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Is There Cross-Progression in MW3 (2023)?

Yes, it is very likely that there will be cross-progression in MW3 (2023), allowing you to carry over your progress to another platform if you want to.

For example, this means that those playing on PlayStation will be able to bring across their save data and account to PC as well as Xbox, and vice versa.

If cross-progression is a feature in MW3 (2023), all you will need to do is log into your Activision account on any other platform, and you’ll be able to carry over all your progress.

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