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Is There a Poncho in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor?

You've got to get Cal that perfect poncho look.

Fans of Fallen Order may want to make Cal look as much like his original self in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, including wearing his iconic poncho.

Fortunately, fans of Cal’s famous look have a swathe of customization options at their disposal, including some familiar-looking cosmetics.

Can You Get the Fallen Order Poncho in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor?

Yes, you can get Cal Kestis’ iconic poncho from Fallen Order in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor as a cosmetic item.

Once you’ve unlocked the poncho, you can equip it to Cal through the Customization section in the main menu. You will find it under Jackets.

The customization menu with Cal's poncho in it
Credit – Axrora

How to Get the Poncho in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

To get the Poncho in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, you need to head to Fort Kah’lin in Rambler’s Reach on Koboh and locate the Meditation Point within.

From there, you’ll need to find the miniboss Spawn of Oggdo and defeat it. Once it’s dead, head to the back of the chamber and open the giant chest to unlock the Poncho.

If you’re looking for more unique clothes outside of the poncho, you may want to consider upgrading to the Deluxe edition. It comes with some exclusive iconic outfits from across the films.

The Poncho’s default color scheme is pink and white. However, it has five other color variants, including black and yellow, yellow and white, green and brown, white and brown, and beige and brown.

Unlocking the poncho in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

How to Find Spawn of Oggdo

To find the Spawn of Oggdo miniboss in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, go straight ahead from the Meditation Point in Fort Kah’lin and grapple up to higher ground.

Cross over each of the bridges until you reach a large open area with a red and grey door on the ground. Defeat the droids surrounding it and then drop through the door to find the Spawn of Oggdo in the chamber below.

The map of Fort Kah'lin in Star Wars Jedi Survivor
A map of Fort Kah’lin in the Rambler’s Rest region of Koboh.

The Spawn of Oggdo is an incredibly tough miniboss and one that gets harder the more you damage it. So, make sure you’ve unlocked at least some of the stances before attempting to take it on.

Players will likely recognize the Spawn of Oggdo that is guarding the poncho as it very closely resembles the Oggdo Bogdo miniboss from Fallen Order.

The location of the Spawn of Oggdo miniboss in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor
The trap door you need to drop through in order to reach the Spawn of Oggdo

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