Fortnite live events are interactive and immersive experiences, and gamers believe a Godzilla event is coming.

Speculation has been running wild in recent weeks, fueling rumors of an impending event that could shake the Island to its core.

The subject of these rumors is none other than the legendary Godzilla. However, will this ancient reptilian giant finally make its grand entrance, unleashing chaos and destruction upon Fortnite?

Is Godzilla Coming to Fortnite?

The answer at the moment is no, as there have been no leaks or confirmations that a Godzilla event is in the works.

Speculation of Godzilla terrorizing the Fortnite Island has stemmed from theories created by players. They believe there are in-game teasers that point towards the “King of Monsters” making an appearance.

For now, these are only theories, and we will have to wait and see if the infamous beast shows up in Fortnite.

The last time a monster similar to Godzilla featured in the game was back in Chapter 1 Season 9.

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Fortnite monster event
Monster from Monster vs Robot The Final Showdown event

Why Do Players Think a Godzilla Event is Coming to Fortnite?

Players believe a Godzilla event is coming to Fortnite for various reasons. These include the following:

  • Mega City has been added as a POI and resembles Tokyo.
    • Tokyo has been the subject of Godzilla attacks more than any other city.
  • NPC called Thunder, who looks like a human version of Godzilla, was codenamed “Lizardzilla.”
    • Thunder is also located next to a pool of water where Godzilla could emerge.
  • The towers at Marine Monolith resemble Godzilla.
    • These towers appear to have eyes and a mouth showing fangs.

While this does not confirm that Godzilla is on its way, players believe this is Epic Games teasing the event.

With a new Godzilla film releasing in early 2024, players may have to wait until then to witness this colossus in the Battle Royale.

In the past, Epic Games has been known to have live events that go hand in hand with movie releases, such as the Star Wars event for The Rise of Skywalker.

However, there have also been collaborations with no movie or show being promoted, such as the Marvel Galactus event.

Previous Fortnite events
Star Wars Event for The Rise of Skywalker / Marvel Galactus Event

Given that the Godzilla franchise has previously worked with other games in this genre, such as Warzone and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, it is not a far-fetched idea to think they could work with Fortnite.

Godzilla is not the only crossover players are hoping for, as fans are holding out for a Fortnite x One Piece collaboration.

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