The Marvel Snap Pro Bundle is here to help new players catch up and improve their collection level quickly.

Marvel Snap is one of the hottest mobile games, but you need to grind a bit to build your deck.

Thankfully, Marvel Snap released a new bundle meant to help players out. However, it comes with a hefty price tag.

Marvel Snap Pro Bundle – Is It Worth Buying?

Unfortunately, the Marvel Snap Pro Bundle is not worth its hefty price tag. Coming in at $99.99, it comes with 12,500 Credits and 8x 155 boosters to upgrade eight cards from Common to Infinity.

This is enough to move players up 250 Collection Levels. But for almost one hundred dollars, it doesn’t make much sense. It doesn’t come with any Variant Cards or even Avatar Icons.

It’s better value for your dollar to purchase the Marvel Snap Savage Land Season Pass for $9.99 and build up your collection level with the help of those items.

Marvel Snap intended this bundle to help new players, but it seems to scare players from trying the game out.

One hundred dollars is a lot of money for a new player to spend on a game they’re barely getting the hang of.

Players can already do plenty with just the Pool 1 cards that Marvel Snap offers. There is no reason to skip the Collection Levels unless you’re looking to enter the meta right away.

Instead of purchasing the Marvel Snap Pro Bundle, check out our deck guides for fun cards you can use at any point in your Marvel Snap career:

It’s better to wait for a bundle with a unique variant of one of your favorite cards. Although, those bundles can get pretty expensive as well.

Everything Included in the Marvel Snap Bundle

The Marvel Snap Pro Bundle includes 12,500 Credits and 8 bundles of 155 Boosters. This is enough boosters to level up your Collection Level 250 levels.

Players can also use this bundle to upgrade eight different cards from Common to Infinity.