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Is the Infinite Stim Glitch Back in Warzone? March 27 Update

Warzone fans think they're noticing the Infinite Stim glitch returning in Warzone, but it might not be as clear as first thought.

One of the most notorious glitches in Warzone might be back, as users start to notice what looks like the return of the Infinite Stim. In a new viral clip on the game's subreddit, fans complain that the game-breaking bug is back in Warzone once more.

If you're new to the game and don't know about the Infinite Stim glitch just yet, it's exactly what it sounds like. Thanks to a fault in the Warzone code, there seems to be a way to glitch yourself to be able to use tactical equipment an unlimited number of times.

warzone stim
(Source: Activision)

Of course, this is bad enough when using flash or stun grenades, but it's even worse when a glitched player equips the Stim. With Infinite Stims, the player can simply wait out their inevitable victory in the Warzone gas, while all other players die as the final ring closes.

But even though we've seen the dreaded Warzone Infinite Stim glitch even this very month, this new reappearance might not be all that it appears.

Infinite Stim Glitch Reappears in Warzone?

In a recent post to the CODWarzone subreddit, one angry fan posts their encounter with what appears to be the Infinite Stim exploit.

As the user reaches the final circle of the battle royale, their enemy is nowhere to be found. The gas closes in around them and no other players appear.

Both Reddit user Zero_Day_Virus and their teammate try and stall their deaths for as long as possible. Eventually, though, both players die and place 2nd in the game.

Two users then board the chopper, getting the Warzone Victory, but all is not as simple as it seems. After all, a quick trip to cod.tracker reveals that the 'winning players' were actually 41st in this game of Warzone.

warzone victory helicopter
(Source: Activision)

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The statistics tracking site also reveals that there was no team in first place this time around. Because of this, one Reddit commenter points out that it was likely a glitched game of Warzone.

The idea that a Warzone game can end with no winner isn't too surprising. After all, Warzone's ultimate bug list features over 100 different issues with no fixes.

We're thankful that it seems like the Infinite Stim glitch isn't actually back in Warzone just yet. Although it seems almost inevitable that it'll be back again sometime soon.

Warzone players even want Raven Software to remove the Stims from the battle royale completely. Of course, this would still leave users with infinite stun grenades, which sounds just as toxic.

But, watching this Warzone player's incredible Stim victory in the gas, we'd be missing out if Stims were removed.

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