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Is ‘The Haunting’ in Warzone Worse Than Last Year’s Halloween Event?

Why do Warzone players think that this year’s Haunting event is way worse than the Haunting of Verdansk from last Halloween?

Warzone players are always looking forward to new in-game events. Although, not all of them live up to the lofty expectations.

The notoriously hard-to-please Warzone fans hated ‘The Numbers’ event, which was supposed to be the highlight of Season 5.

This didn’t stop fans from being excited about the Warzone Halloween event, ‘The Haunting’, though. However, after playing a few games, many Warzone players have already dismissed this as a disappointment or a missed opportunity.

But why do Warzone fans prefer last year’s ‘Haunting of Verdansk’ Halloween event?

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Warzone Ghosts of Verdansk

‘The Haunting’ in Warzone is a Major Disappointment for Fans

There were very high hopes for the new Warzone event. After all, the new ‘Ghosts of Verdansk’ game mode lets you play as a terrifying ghost.

However, players have gotten tired of the game mode quickly. Now, many fans are claiming that last year’s Halloween mode where you played as a zombie was better.

A post on Reddit, criticizing the new ‘Haunting’ Warzone event calls the ghosts “useless” and reveals many problems players have with the event’s game mode.

The main gripe players have is that the jumpscares are annoying. They last too long, interrupt gameplay, and aren’t even scaring many players.

Additionally, the Ghosts of Verdansk fear system is encouraging campers too. This is the opposite of what it’s supposed to do.

Warzone The Haunting

All of these factors have combined to make a Warzone game mode that is inferior to last year’s zombie-themed experience. Although, at least ‘The Haunting’ has added some cool new content for Warzone and Cold War fans.

Players can now complete a load of Halloween challenges in Warzone and Cold War. And, if they do, they can unlock the new LAPA SMG.

Meanwhile, the Haunting event has also added two cool horror-inspired skins:

If you think ‘The Haunting’ in Warzone was a bit of a letdown, don’t worry. A leak has revealed details about the upcoming Warzone Pacific Map reveal event.

Additionally, data miners have found the Warzone Chapter 3 release date. This could be the day that Warzone players finally drop into the Pacific map.

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