The Dynamic Duo Icons Pack in FC 24 has been released, giving players two Icon Player Items with a max. 88 OVR.

This is the first time two Icons are guaranteed from a pack, which is quite expensive. We are sure tons of gamers are wondering if it is worth completing.

So join us as we dive into whether or not you should use your hard-earned coins or purchased FC points on this pack.

Is It Worth Buying?

No, based on our testing the FC 24 Dynamic Duos pack is not worth buying as 450,000 coins, or 3,000 FC points ($26.97/ €26.97 / £21.57) is a lot of money compared to what you get back.

In our test of this pack, we received 87 OVR Nemanja Vidic and 86 OVR Sol Campbell. Combined, they only cost 325,000 coins.

This is a 125,000 coins loss. The entire pack is also untradeable, meaning we could not recoup any of the value back.

FC 24 Dynamic Duo Icons Pack

Of a possible 44 Icons available, 33 are worth less than half the cost of the pack. After doing some math, there is a 55.82% chance of getting two players who combined will not be equal or worth more than the value of the pack.

This was calculated using a formula that takes all the possible scenarios and the chance to get a combination containing two of the 33 lower-valued items.

We recommend you steer clear of the FC 24 Dynamic Duo Icons Pack! This way, you won’t end up like us with two Icons that don’t have much value.

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