After releasing a double Icon pack, EA Sports FC has now released a Dynamic Duo Heroes Pack in FC 24.

This is an expensive pack; opening it will give you two Hero items within the game. It can be a tempting pack to buy, but is it worth it?

Join us as we delve into whether you should put your coins or FC Points into this latest pack.

FC 24 Dynamic Duo Heroes Pack in Store

Is It Worth Opening?

Although we were fortunate to get the Hero Lucio in our testing, we recognize this is an uncommon outcome and would say it is not worth opening. Most players will incur a significant coin loss on this pack, priced at 350,000 coins or 2,500 FC Points ($24.99/€24.99/£21.99).

For example, we got Mario Gomez as our second Hero, and if Lucio was not in the pack and it was someone else similar to the German, that would be a 300,000 coin loss in value.

Additionally, the FC 24 Dynamic Duo Heroes pack is untradeable, so no matter what you get, you cannot sell the players.

FC 24 Dynamic Duo Heroes Pack Pull

Out of 61 Heroes, 44 players are worth less than half the pack. That means you will not get much value back if you get two of those 44 items as your duo.

Additionally, after using some maths, there is a 51.69% of getting two players who both equal below the value of the pack.

This was calculated using a formula that takes all possible scenarios and calculates the odds of getting two players who will not make up the cost of the pack.

So, we suggest you stay clear of the FC 24 Dynamic Duo Heroes pack and save your coins or hard-earned money!

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