The EA FC 24 Ultimate Edition is the most expensive version players can purchase for the latest game in EA’s soccer franchise. But is the more significant price tag worth it?

The Ultimate Edition is a premium version of EA Sports FC 24 and offers many bonuses players can obtain once purchased.

However, gamers may wonder if they should spend the extra money or pick up the standard game instead. Let’s dive in and discuss if the Ultimate Edition is worth buying.

EA FC 24 Ultimate Edition: Is it Worth Buying?

Yes, the EA FC 24 Ultimate Edition is worth buying as you will gain access to the game 7 days early and obtain 4600 FC Points with your purchase.

Not only would you be able to play the game much sooner, but the FC Points as part of the Ultimate Edition will save you money if you were going to purchase the standard version and 4600 FC points seperately.

For comparison, here is the price difference if you were to buy the Standard Edition and 4600 FC Points separately:

Ultimate Edition$109.99
Standard Edition + 4600 FC Points$79.99 + $41.96 ($121.95)
£69.99 +£35.56 (£105.55)
€79.99 + €41.96 (121.95)
EA FC 24 Players walking onto the pitch

Here is a full breakdown of all the differences between the Ultimate and Standard Edition:

BenefitsStandard EditionUltimate Edition
Erling Haaland Loan Item
Male Ambassador Loan Item
Female Ambassador Loan Item
Clubs PlayStyles Slot
Player Career Personality Points
Manager Career 5-Star Coach
Up to 7 Days Early AccessX
4600 FC PointsX
Nike Ultimate Team CampaignX
Nike Ultimate Team Loan & KitX
TOTW 1 Ultimate Team PlayerX

Even if you upgrade to the Ultimate Edition from the Standard, you will receive all these benefits!

Furthermore, if you buy the Ultimate Edition later in the year, you will still obtain the 4,600 FC Points, TOTW 1 player, and Nike Loan & Kit.

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