The latest Modern Warfare update has brought a new weapon to the fight. If you head over to the Marksmen Rifle tab, you’ll find the Crossbow featured at the bottom. The weapon was first introduced in Black Ops, although not as many people used it compared to now in Modern Warfare. That’s because new gameplay has emerged of the Modern Warfare Crossbow in action, and well, it certainly looks to be giving players a competitive edge over their opponents.

Prior to its release, Activision described the weapon as “silent and agile.” They also noted that it takes one-shot to kill opponents. That said, it was always going to be overpowered – but is it now too OP?

New Modern Warfare Crossbow Gameplay Surfaces

One video, posted by Reddit user Ricardo029, illustrates just how powerful the Modern Warfare Crossbow can be. In a recent test against the Juggernaut, the Crossbow absolutely obliterates it within two shots. Given how the Juggernaut is arguably one of the most overpowered killstreaks, the Crossbow really can take out anything.

Juggernaut vs OP Crossbow NOT Even Fair from r/modernwarfare

Another video from Reddit user E-n-z-o-b-i-g-g-i-e the weapon’s immense power once again. In this video, you can see the Crossbow take down a VTOL out of the sky within the space of three shots. This makes it significantly more viable than a rocket as a secondary weapon.

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Just a heads up! The thermite Crossbow can 3 shot a VTOL out of the sky. This is MUCH more efficient than having a rocket from r/modernwarfare

Due to its scope, the weapon has proved to be an efficient option for long-range battles. As showcased in the video below, the Crossbow kills an enemy from hundreds of meters away on one of the Ground War maps. Although this shot has an element of luck, if you’re aware of the weapon’s bullet drop, then it really can be a viable option instead of a Sniper Rifle.

Just hit the longest crossbow shot on Ground War from r/modernwarfare

There’s no sign of a nerf coming anytime soon, but if these clips continue to emerge then Infinity Ward might pick up on the matter. Perhaps a nerf of the weapon will be coming in a future patch, even though that won’t be for at least another few weeks.

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What are your thoughts on the Crossbow in Modern Warfare? Do you think it should be nerfed soon?