If you’re yet to upgrade your old Xbox One, the good news is that you can still play Bethesda’s Starfield with a little know-how!

The internet is still recovering from the Starfield showcase which, for many gamers, cemented Bethesda’s upcoming space RPG as the must-play title of 2023.

But if you’re still stuck on old hardware, you may be wondering if you’ll be able to explore Starfield’s 1000 planets on Xbox One.

Well, there’s good news and bad news on that front. Let’s get into it.

Can You Play Starfield on Xbox One?

Yes, you can play Starfield on Xbox One but only via Cloud Streaming.

Starfield isn’t natively playable on Xbox One consoles. The new release is instead exclusive to next-gen Xbox Series X & S devices.

Microsoft fans won’t be able to insert a Starfield disc into their Xbox One and expect it to work.

Starfield Ship on an Alien Planet

However, that’s not to say that you need to upgrade your device for a shot at playing Bethesda’s newest project.

If you’re wondering exactly how to play Starfield on Xbox One, here’s how to access the game via Cloud Streaming.

How to Play Starfield on Xbox One

To play Starfield on Xbox One, users will need to subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. They will then be able to play Starfield beginning on its September 6 launch day by streaming from the Cloud.

This service will allow users to play Starfield on last-gen hardware, without even installing it, so long as the player has a stable internet connection.

Xbox Cloud Gaming is available exclusively to Ultimate tier subscribers of Xbox Game Pass. This service allows users to stream the power of a Series X console to their devices.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate costs $16.99 a month, but new subscribers can get their first month for just $1, allowing them to try Starfield for next to no cost!

Xbox Cloud Gaming Mobile

Simply load up your Xbox One on Starfield’s September 6 launch day and you’ll be able to find Starfield in Game Pass. Then, the option to play via the Cloud should be available.

And it’s not just Xbox One consoles that Cloud can stream to either! Using Cloud Gaming, players should be able to play Starfield on PC, mobile, and tablet devices too.

With this method you won’t need to purchase Starfield, nor worry about upgrading your Xbox One. Xbox Cloud Gaming will even take care of your save files for you!

Of course, you’ll need a stable internet connection to take advantage of the Cloud, but it’s certainly a lot easier than purchasing a whole new console.

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