Bethesda games are famous for their immersive worlds and gameplay, playable in both first and third-person, and many fans are hoping Starfield will be the same.

While we’ve seen plenty of gameplay for Starfield, many may be wondering if the latest Bethesda RPG will feature the traditional first-person perspective.

Fortunately, for first-person fans, there’s good news! Below we outline everything there is to know about playing Starfield in first-person.

Can You Play Starfield in First Person?

Yes, you can play the entirety of Starfield in first-person mode. In fact, the game begins automatically in first-person mode, meaning you will have to manually switch to third-person if you want to.

This was confirmed during the June 2023 Starfield Direct, where Todd Howard spoke about the ability to switch between perspectives.

Howard said, while describing the game’s new animation system, “Of course, you can play it in third-person. And you can play it in first-person.”

The player mining rocks in Starfield

Much like Bethesda Game Studios’ other titles, such as Skyrim, Starfield will be played from a predominantly first-person perspective, with the option to switch to third.

This includes combat sequences, exploration, and even flying in your ship. Toggling between first and third person is seamless and can be done with just the press of a button.

First-person is likely the best perspective for combat, as it’ll allow for more accurate aiming. However, space combat may be easier in third-person as you’ll have a better view of where the enemy is flying.

Nevertheless, the ability to switch freely means you can decide on the fly which perspective suits you and your playstyle the best.

You can see some first-person (and third-person) combat gameplay in Starfield below: