Starfield looks set to be an enormous, planet-hopping adventure, so it’s no wonder that fans are wondering if it is multiplayer.

While Bethesda has dipped its toes into the world of online multiplayer with the likes of Fallout 76, for the most part, Starfield is being referred to as a single-player experience.

But does that mean you won’t be able to play the game with friends? Below we explain everything there is to know about whether Starfield will feature multiplayer or co-op.

Is Starfield Multiplayer?

No, Starfield will not have an online multiplayer mode at launch. Starfield will be an exclusively single-player experience, as outlined on the game’s Steam store page.

This has been confirmed by Todd Howard, who stated in a Develop:Brighton Conference 2020 interview that Starfield would be entirely single-player.

Howard, while discussing whether or not Bethesda would make another open-world multiplayer game, stated:

“Obviously the stuff we have coming – Starfield, Elder Scrolls VI – are singleplayer games, but I wouldn’t rule it out in the future.”

Sam Coe, Barrett and Sarah Morgan standing next to a table in Starfield

It is understandable why some players may want Starfield to be an online game. After all, No Man’s Sky, which shares many similarities with Starfield, has multiplayer and co-op.

Unfortunately, this confirmation from Howard himself proves that at least for the time being, Starfield will be single-player only.

Is Starfield Co-Op?

No, Starfield will not have a co-op mode at launch. You won’t be able to play Starfield with your friends in either online or local co-op.

Starfield is an entirely single-player experience, although players can bring along AI companions with them on their journey.

The player standing next to Sam Coe from Starfield

While it is possible that Bethesda may consider adding co-op in the future through DLC or free updates, there is currently no official confirmation of this.

Additionally, there is no precedent of co-op being added post-launch with their previous games.

Will Starfield Multiplayer & Co-Op Be Added Post Launch?

It is possible that Starfield might receive some form of multiplayer or co-op support added post-launch.

However, it will most likely be done through fan-made mods instead of an official addition from Bethesda.

Bethesda’s epic fantasy game, Skyrim, has received a multiplayer mod called Skyrim Together Reborn. The mod allows players to experience the entire game with up to 8 players.

However, it is worth noting that it has been in development for quite some time, and multiplayer mods for Bethesda’s other titles, such as Fallout 4, have been abandoned.

So, while Starfield may receive multiplayer and co-op support post-launch, it will likely be down to the community to make it happen.

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