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Is Spider-Man 2 Single-Player, Multiplayer, or Co-op?

Can you swing from building to building with your pal?

With the upcoming Spider-Man 2 game featuring both Miles Morales and Peter Parker, fans were left questioning whether the game would have a multiplayer or co-op mode.

And as the release date gets closer, Insomniac Games has been revealing more and more information about the upcoming sequel.

Now, the burning question on everyone’s mind on whether the game will have a multiplayer or co-op mode has finally got an answer.

Will Spider-Man 2 Be Multiplayer or Co-op?

Unfortunately for those hoping to experience this game with their friends, there will be no multiplayer or co-op in Spider-Man 2.

The developers confirmed this information on Twitter, stating that the game will only feature a single-player mode.

While this comes as a blow to players wanting to suit up alongside their friends, a lot of players are excited it will bring a similar experience to the original.

Rumors of the game being cooperative began all the way back on its reveal back in 2021. Nadj Jeter, the voice actor for Miles Morales, furthered this speculation by hinting that it was co-op.

However, it now appears he was wrong. Given that the last two Spider-Man games were single-player, it’s not entirely surprising that this one is as well.

Although, swinging through New York with your friend would certainly have been an enjoyable experience.

Spider-Man 2 Multiplayer

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