Rebirth Island is one of the most popular Warzone maps released, and many players are hoping it will make a return.

This map was first released in December 2020. Since its arrival, it has cultivated a large following of players who believe it is one of the better Battle Royale maps.

As of now, it is currently unavailable on Warzone 1 Caldera, and it has not made an appearance in Warzone 2.

Is Rebirth Island Coming to Warzone 2?

The developers have not indicated plans to bring Rebirth Island to Warzone 2, so the answer is likely no.

However, with the fan base turning away from the game and the player counts dropping, they could bring it back. Although, this is a very slim possibility.

Warzone 2 has already seen two new small Resurgence maps added to the game, so the return of an old map seems unlikely.

As of now, it seems the developers are more focused on bringing new experiences to Warzone 2, as we have seen with Ashika Island and Vondel.

Rebirth Island Warzone

Is Rebirth Island Returning to Warzone 1 Caldera?

Unfortunately, it does not look like Rebirth Island will return to Warzone 1 Caldera, as Resurgence has not featured in the game since November 2022.

The original game only features one map: the 150-player Caldera location. At this point, it seems the developing team is focusing on Warzone 2.

Furthermore, the Warzone 1 Caldera servers will be taken offline on September 21, 2023. This makes it even more unlikely that the developers will bring the map back before then.

We recommend not holding out hope for the return of the first-ever Resurgence map. However, if you want your fix of Alcatraz, Rebirth Island will be playable on Warzone Mobile.

Although, you will likely have to wait till the end of 2023 before this mobile game releases.

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