The absence of Quidditch in Hogwarts Legacy has left fans eagerly anticipating its possible inclusion in a future DLC update.

As a beloved and iconic sport in the Wizarding World, Quidditch plays an integral role in the Harry Potter universe.

In response to the widespread disappointment, rumors have emerged suggesting that the magical sport may appear in an upcoming Hogwarts Legacy DLC. This article explores the potential of adding Quidditch to the game and any relevant hints or announcements from the developers.

Will Quidditch Make an Appearance in Hogwarts Legacy DLC?

Currently, there are no official or confirmed plans for introducing Quidditch in a future Hogwarts Legacy DLC. The game director has stated that no DLC plans are in place for the time being.

It’s important to note that the official Hogwarts Legacy FAQs mention that Quidditch is not a playable aspect of the game.

Considering the game’s success, it’s likely that Warner Bros would want to capitalize on it. Rumors already suggest that an HBO TV show based on Hogwarts Legacy is in the works.

While there are no current plans, it’s plausible that future Hogwarts Legacy DLCs may be developed, with Quidditch being a highly requested feature among fans.

a student holding up a broom in Hogwarts Legacy

Reasons Behind Quidditch’s Absence in Hogwarts Legacy

In-game, the reason for Quidditch’s unavailability is attributed to the headmaster, Professor Nigellus Black, who banned it following a player’s injury.

As an Easter Egg, players can discover a letter about the cancellation of Quidditch in the Hospital Wing.

However, besides mentioning in their FAQ that Quidditch won’t be included in Hogwarts Legacy, the developers have not provided an official explanation for its absence.

Though speculative, it’s possible that the development team lacked the necessary time or resources to implement this beloved sport into the game.

The player flying on a broom towards the quidditch pitch in Hogwarts Legacy

How Quidditch Could Be Implemented in a Future Hogwarts Legacy DLC

Considering how story-focused Hogwarts Legacy is, any Quidditch DLC will likely focus on scripted matches and events as opposed to making it a full-blown side activity.

Like how classes work, players could perform quick QTE (quick time events) or follow a clearly marked trail of a Golden Snitch during a cinematic set piece.

However, a more ambitious version of Quidditch in Hogwarts Legacy could work much like the Player Career mode in the FIFA series, where you control just your player while the AI controls the rest of your team.

This way, you could focus on one particular role, such as Seeker, instead of attempting to control the entire field.

Some fans may expect gameplay akin to the popular Quidditch World Cup game from 2003. That game allowed players to play multiple different roles within the same match.

Other Fan-Requested Features for Hogwarts Legacy DLC 

In addition to Quidditch DLC, fans have also requested DLC that adds the following:

  • Diagon Alley
  • An expanded version of Azkaban
  • A deeper exploration of the Black Lake
  • Gobstones & Wizard Chess
  • Patronuses
  • The Triwizard Tournament
  • The Ministry of Magic

While fans want these features to come to Hogwarts Legacy, some are more likely to be added than others.

For example, while mini-games such as Wizard Chess are likely to be implemented, adding a whole new region beneath the Black Lake for players to explore or the ability to travel to Diagon Alley seems less plausible.

Additionally, while the Triwizard Tournament is one of the most requested features, hardcore fans will be quick to point out it isn’t possible. Canonically, it was disbanded in 1792 and reappeared in 1994 (almost 100 years after the events of Hogwarts Legacy).

Regardless, as Quidditch is easily the most requested feature for Hogwarts Legacy, it is likely we will see it added as DLC before anything else.

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