Pro Clubs has long been a favorite mode among players in EA Sports football games and the absence of cross-play has been a massive limitation but could this be changing in EA Sports FC 24?

For years, players have been confined to playing Pro Clubs exclusively with gamers on their own platform, stopping them from playing with friends and family on different consoles.

However, the tides may be changing as EA Sports FC 24 approaches, ushering in a new era of football gaming.

Can You Play Crossplay Pro Clubs in EA Sports FC 24?

Yes, you can play Pro Clubs cross-play within EA Sports FC 24. However, it is important to note that cross-play will only have support between consoles of the same generation.

For example, players on PS4 or Xbox One will not have the ability to join matches with Xbox Series X/S or PS5 players, and vice versa. Additionally, PC users can only play with the current generation of consoles.

Additionally, EA Sports FC 24 will release on the Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, the platform will not enable cross-play for Switch users.

For years, fans have been anticipating the addition of cross-play to Pro Clubs. Their wishes have finally come true in EA Sports FC 24.

This highly sought-after feature now grants players the chance to form clubs, progress through divisions, and enjoy the Clubs experience with friends, irrespective of their platform choice.

At the moment, no other information about Pro Clubs in EA Sports FC 24 is available. However, similarly to previous FIFA releases, you can expect an in-depth Pitch Notes for this mode to drop within the next few weeks.

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