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Is Pokemon Unite Better on Mobile or Nintendo Switch?

With Pokemon Unite finally on mobile devices, players are now asking an important question – is it better on mobile or Nintendo Switch?

Pokemon Unite came out on the Switch way back in July, but mobile players have had to wait patiently for their time to play. Finally, over 2 months later, the game has released on mobile as well.

However, there being two versions of the game has now caused some controversy amongst the players. Pokemon Unite fans can’t decide whether the game is better on mobile or Nintendo Switch.

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Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite: Mobile vs Switch Versions

The Pokemon Unite mobile update added crossplay, super item enhancers, and more. Plus, it has fixed the pay-to-win issues in the game. However, players are talking about something else entirely.

A new post on the game’s subreddit claims that the mobile version of Pokemon Unite is actually superior to the one on the Nintendo Switch.

While the two versions of the game have all of the same features and content, and even look almost identical, players have picked up on the different control methods.

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The post, which has over 1000 upvotes so far claims that the mobile version is superior. This is because it shows a Talonflame using Flame Charge much quicker than the Switch version.

This has led to a lot of disagreements within the community on which version of the game is best.

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Unfortunately, we can’t give a definitive answer on which version is better – it’s just a matter of preference.

Some moves like Talonflame’s Flame Charge will activate quicker on mobile. However, you can press multiple buttons at once on the Switch version, making more complex moves easier.

Why not give both versions of the game a try and see which one you prefer? Let’s hope that you don’t have missing Aeos Gems or pre-registration rewards like many players who have switched to mobile.

Pokemon Unite

Meanwhile, two new Pokemon – Sylveon and Mamoswine – are coming to Unite soon. If you can’t wait to get your hands on them, make sure to check out the first Sylveon and Mamoswine Pokemon Unite gameplay.

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Sunday 26th of September 2021

easily on mobile, its horrible on the switch with all its issues