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Is The Nail Gun Meta in Warzone Season 4? Great Damage & TTK Stats

The Nail Gun is one of the best close-range weapons to use in Warzone Season 4.

Warzone Season 4 has finally arrived and it’s brought the brand-new Ground Fall event, alongside some very powerful new weapons. However, the most unconventional has to be the Nail Gun.

It might not look like much but this DIY tool packs a serious punch in Warzone. But will it be a meta weapon in Season 4?

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Cold War Warzone Season 4 Weapon Nail Gun

How Good Is The Nail Gun in Warzone?

Two new weapons in Warzone Season 4 have got players excited. This MG 82 loadout is the best gun in Warzone Season 4, but the Nail Gun certainly hits hard too.

When looking at the Nail Gun’s stats, it competes with the very best SMGs in Warzone. It has a blistering headshot and chest shot time-to-kill of just 350ms up close, according to JGOD‘s testing.

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Additionally, just five shots with the Nail Gun at any body part will kill at a very fast 467ms too. This means that you don’t have to be too precise with your shots.

Despite this, the Nail Gun has some major downsides in Warzone…

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Warzone Nail Gun Season 4

The Nail Gun has an extremely slow fire rate, meaning that you can’t afford to miss a single shot with it. Plus, it has a tiny magazine capacity of just 20 shots, which is nowhere near enough for Trios or Quads.

Additionally, you can’t equip any attachments to it, meaning you are stuck with the base 20 shots and can’t increase the weapon’s damage range or recoil control.

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Therefore, the Nail Gun is a great option in Warzone, but only for extremely accurate players in Solo or Duos modes. Most players are better off using one of the best SMGs in Warzone – and there are plenty to choose from.

Our choice would be this meta no recoil LC10 loadout in Warzone.

Warzone Season 4 hasn’t just brought the Nail Gun and MG 82 though, players are also excited for the Ground Fall event. Check how to find and secure the uplink stations in Warzone Season 4 to earn limited-time items.

Also, the dreaded Roze skin has finally gotten a huge nerf. No more campers in dark corners!

Finally, Season 4 may have just begun, but when does Warzone & Cold War Season 5 begin?

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