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Is MultiVersus Coming to Nintendo Switch?

MultiVersus is getting traction, and as it rises in popularity, Nintendo Switch fans are wondering if they would be able to join the fun!

MultiVersus currently has a Closed Alpha, and many players love the game. Thus far, the game has been a pleasant surprise for gamers.

This popularity has a lot to do with the fantastic character roster in MultiVersus! Even though the title is still in development and on a closed alpha stage, there are many characters to choose from.

Considering you have the chance to fight Arya Stark with Finn the Human in MultiVersus, it is only reasonable that many gamers want to jump into the fun.

With all these good comments and memes online, Nintendo Switch owners are already wondering if they will be able to enjoy MultiVersus.

MultiVersus Gameplay
WB Interactive Entertainment

Will MultiVersus Launch on Nintendo Switch?

At the moment, MultiVersus has officially confirmed its launch on PlayStation (4 and 5), Xbox (One and Series X|S), and PC. Unfortunately, this leaves out Nintendo Switch.

However, this does not mean that this could not change in the future. The game is still in development, and a lot could change as it reaches its final stages.

Although it is improbable a MultiVersus’ Nintendo Switch port could arrive on launch day since the game is already well into development, one might come months after.

At this moment, the game is even receiving balance updates by nerfing some overpowered characters. These changes indicate the developer is polishing as much as possible before the release date.

This is not the first game to launch without Switch support and receive a port later down the line.

But, it is worth noting that WB Interactive Entertainment has not yet confirmed plans for a port.

In the meantime, if you have another platform of choice, you can test the Closed Beta. Here is how you can try to get an invitation code for the MultiVersus Closed Alpha!

As well, if you are curious about more upcoming fighters, we’ve got you covered! A recent leak revealed many possible new characters coming to MultiVersus.

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MultiVersus Match
WB Interactive Entertainment

There is some good news for those interested in participating in MultiVersus Open Beta. The game’s director confirmed the Open Beta unlocks would be permanent!

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