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Is Modern Warfare 2 Coming to Steam? New Image Surfaces on Valve Store

It seems that Modern Warfare 2 could be losing its exclusivity, as the game’s art appears on Steam.

Starting with Call of Duty Black Ops 4, the COD franchise moved home to back in 2018. Since then, the games have been exclusive to Activision Blizzard’s store, at least on PC.

Of course, things could soon change, as Modern Warfare 2 will likely come to Xbox Game Pass in the future. And in the future, we expect to see COD titles launching Day One on Game Pass too.

But already it seems like might not be the only place to buy Call of Duty titles this year. Could Modern Warfare 2 actually be coming to Steam?

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Modern Warfare 2 Official Art

MW2 Appears on Steam – Not Exclusive to

Could Modern Warfare 2 be bringing the Call of Duty franchise back to Steam in 2022? A new image on the Steam database certainly suggests so.

Although it’s been a fair few years since the last COD title launched on the platform, Modern Warfare 2 is already appearing on Steam. The game doesn’t have an official Store page just yet, but some key art is appearing in the Call of Duty category.

At the bottom of the Black Ops 3 DLC page, eagle-eyed fans noticed a new image of Simon ‘Ghost’ Riley from Modern Warfare 2. Seeing as this art seems to be from the upcoming MW2 release, we imagine it’s not the only asset from the new game on the Store.

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Steam Leaks Modern Warfare 2 Ghost Image
Valve / Activision

Already Steam appears to be adjusting its page to edit the image, which no longer shows Ghost. But you can see the original image above.

UPDATE: Steam has now retweeted the official MW2 reveal announcement, adding further fuel to the fire!

If you like having all your games on one platform, or you have some Steam Credit to burn, you’ll be happy to see MW2 making its triumphant return to Steam. However, this isn’t enough to prove that the game will release on the platform, even if it’s some pretty compelling evidence.

Don’t miss all the leaked editions of MW2 that could appear on Steam soon! As usual, there are some expensive versions of the game for those who are so inclined.

And Activision is already teasing the official gameplay reveal date for Modern Warfare 2 – and it’s dropping soon!

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