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Is Lost Ark Pay to Win?

Over the last few months, an important question has appeared more and more in the Lost Ark community. Is Lost Ark pay to win?

The game has been out for a while now, and as the players have begun to filter themselves naturally, the core fanbase started asking serious questions. Many problems have been raised by the community in the past few months, and most have been addressed in one way or another.

One question that has gained more and more traction in recent weeks is whether Lost Ark is “pay to win” or not. Even popular streamers like Asmongold have jumped in and called out the developers.

As we know, Lost Ark is a Korean MMO. Korean MMOs often incorporate in-game progression through microtransactions, which is not frowned upon there. However, the devs underestimated how angry this would make their western audience.

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Is Lost Ark Pay To Win
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What Makes Lost Ark “Pay to Win”

Let’s not beat around the bush. We all know that in Lost Ark, you can purchase gold with real money. That gold can be used in so many ways to upgrade your character. From buying upgrade items from Mari’s Shop to purchasing auction house items, gold is the ultimate currency in the game.

Although this is the case, the gold can still be farmed through in-game events, grinding, selling items, etc. However, many western players still seem outraged at that aspect. This has been going on for quite a while.

Popular content creators have shared their opinions too. Streamers like Asmongold and CohhCarnage also believe that the game is heavily “pay to win.”

This idea is also fueled by past problems the game had with bots and hackers. Many of them farm gold fast, purchase items, and then hugely inflate the prices of objects like upgrade items. Although this problem has been recently addressed and resolved with an intelligent fix, the mechanism that allowed it to appear in the first place still exists.

How Do Microtransactions Affect Lost Ark

An abundance of posts regarding microtransactions can be found almost every day on the Lost Ark subreddit. Many players call for “bans on gold buyers.” They are understandably angry, not only because buying gold plays a big part in the volatility of a server’s economy but also because the industry as a whole has had quite a big problem with microtransactions in recent years.

Many players feel like the game itself mistreats them for not wanting to spend money. Grinding in Lost Ark does take quite a long time, and many players are pleased to do it. After all, it’s an MMORPG; grinding is almost an expected “feature.” But finally, getting enough gold to upgrade your item level feels much less rewarding when your guildmate just did it in 5 minutes by using their credit card.

Many Lost Ark players have played MMOs that have “fallen from grace” due to microtransaction and “pay to win” mechanics. From industry pioneers like Tera or WoW, and now to Lost Ark, the new hot MMO, this controversial topic is popping up more and more in recent times.

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Lost Ark Pay To Win Community Outrage
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What the Developers Are Saying

The developers have not officially said anything about this issue. But, several changes have been made to the core experience to prevent exploitation, but to a minimal extent. Also, this fix targeted botted accounts mostly.

Although at least at the start of the game, the developers seem to have misjudged how many players will have end-game gear and gated players from some raids by mistake, they are taking steps in the right direction. They have introduced new events that offer players access to the main thing they need for progression – upgrade materials – and have announced that they will inject a steady amount of them for the foreseeable future to get everyone up to speed.

It’s pretty clear that, with the game being a success story in Korea and the practice not being frowned upon, they were not expecting such a severe response from their western community.

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Does Pay To Win Affect Lost Ark
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Is Lost Ark Really Pay to Win?

While, in this case, you don’t “win” by buying items or gear, and you still have to go through the dungeons and raids and complete them, the system still greatly rewards the players that spend money.

Lost Ark seems like such a “pay to win” experience for so many players that the “pay” portion can be done consistently. You don’t just buy an expansion pack and get the bonuses once. You can buy gold as long as your wallet allows you to. This is what frustrates players the most.

If you’re willing to spend that amount of money, you can become the best raider on the server without even putting that much effort into it.

Lost Ark Is Still a Great Game

There are some bright spots too that give hope. For example, the PvP is entirely unaffected by microtransactions. And it’s one of the reasons the game is so popular. The PvP in Lost Ark is excellent, and right now, it is also the main focus of the game for many players.

At the end of the day, while you can spend money to progress, it’s not required. Some people will always do that; it’s just how it is in gaming. Lost Ark is still a fantastic game with TONS of content, constant updates, and a very healthy player base.

Lost Ark Pay To win does not affect PvP
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Even though this may seem like a big issue right now, the game is still very healthy compared to other online experiences on the market.

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