Kazuyoshi Miura, nicknamed “King Kazu,” has become a folk hero throughout the world of football, and playing as him in FIFA 23 would certainly be a fun experience.

Miura is one of the most iconic players in football, not only for his ability on the field but for his age. At 56 years old, the striker is the oldest active professional player.

The Japanese forward has been playing since 1986 and recently signed another contract with current club, Oliveirense, for an undisclosed length.

Aside from all these outstanding professional achievements, let’s discuss Kazuyoshi Miura’s potential inclusion in FIFA 23.

Is Kazuyoshi Miura Playable in FIFA 23?

Unfortunately, Kazuyoshi Miura is not in FIFA 23. This is due to the player being at a club whose league is not licensed in the game.

His club U.D. Oliveirense currently competes in Liga Portugal 2, which is the second division of the Portuguese football league system. However, only the top tier, Liga Portugal, is featured in FIFA 23.

The last time Miura, the oldest professional player in the world, was in a FIFA game was in FIFA 22, where he had a 59 Overall.

However, his cult hero status did mean the developers gave him a boosted special item with an 85 Overall in Ultimate Team!

kazuyoshi miura in FIFA 22
Kazuyoshi Miura FIFA 22 items

Will Kazuyoshi Miura Be in EA Sports FC 24?

Kazuyoshi Miura will likely be absent from EA Sports FC 24. This is because his team, Oliveirense, did not get promoted to first division in the 2022/2023 season, and only Liga Portugal is included in the game.

The only way the 56-year-old will be in the upcoming football game is if EA Sports obtain the license for the second division in Portugal.

While it is possible that this happens, it is an unlikely occurrence. The sports game studio has only ever featured the lower tiers from the top five European football nations in their games.

These include leagues from the following countries:

  • England
  • Spain
  • France
  • Italy
  • Germany
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