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Is It Best to Set Up Your PS5 Vertically or Horizontally?

Whether you’re a PS5 owner or someone with a passing interest, by now you’ll know that the PS5 comes with a stand. This allows you to set up the console vertically or horizontally. But which is best?

The PS5 is one chunky piece of kit. It’s been a long time since we saw a console that was so large, not to mention heavy!

Like the Xbox Series X, the console functions just as well when set up vertically as it does horizontally. But choosing which way to position it may come down to your individual taste – or whichever way suits your current set-up.

When placed horizontally, the PS5 looks like most consoles. This is the traditional console position. Under our TVs in/on some form of cabinet.

PS5 illustrations show the console's size

But when positioned vertically, the PS5 (and the Xbox Series X) looks like a specialized gaming PC tower. This may have been done to accommodate gamers who prefer to use PC monitors.

More and more gamers are doing this to take advantage of the visual benefits gaming monitors offer when compared to TV sets. The PS5’s vertical option allows gamers to neatly place the console where their PC tower would go.

The stand that comes with the PS5 caters for both options. Although those who use the stand vertically will need to screw the stand in place, instead of just clipping it on.

Which PS5 Set Up Should I Choose? Vertical or Horizontal?

With the PS4, there was a district advantage to placing the console in a vertical position. Despite the console not lending itself well to this.

It allowed the air to flow more freely and made the PS4’s infamous disk drive slightly quieter. With PS5 though, this is no longer the case.

The PS5 stand eliminates both issues, allowing the PS5 to always remain slightly elevated. This helps with airflow as well as keeping the console's vibrations from being too distracting.

Although, the PS5 is a much quieter console than the PS4 ever was. And its air vents are placed more strategically.

Is It Best to Set Up Your PS5 Vertically or Horizontally?

So it’s completely up to you. While we’re not going to offer a decisive winner, we will help you reach a decision.

If you’re a traditional gamer, who likes to put their feet up, lie back on the couch and play on their living room TV, then we advise you to stick to what you know.

If your consoles are placed horizontally in protective cabinets then the PS5 can do this too – unless you fancy a change that is.

Remember though, the PS5 is much bigger than its predecessor! Make sure it will fit! If not, you may need to change your current set-up for this reason alone.

If you’re using your PS5 like a PC tower, through a gaming monitor, then why not set it up vertically? The console looks damn cool when stood up!

Ultimately, it comes down to what you think looks best and what accommodates your set up best from a space point of view.

Need a hand setting up your PS5 console either vertically or horizontally? We’ve got you covered.

Sony have also released a PS5 set-up guide.

Once you’ve decided, check out the PS Plus line-up for November!

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