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Is Gotham Knights a Sequel to Batman Arkham Knight?

Gotham Knights is the latest AAA Batman game to release, but does it follow on from the Arkham Knight game?

Rocksteady’s Arkham series is one of the most critically acclaimed franchises of all time, praised for its gameplay and narrative alike. However, the last one came out in 2015, with the release of Arkham Knight.

It seems that Gotham Knights shares some narrative points that occur in the Arkham series. But is the game a follow-up?

There will be some spoilers to the Arkham series, primarily the ending of Arkham Knight in this article.

Is Gotham Knights Part of the Arkham Series?

No, Gotham Knights is a completely different universe to the Arkham franchise, despite some familiar parts in the narrative.

You may be led to believe that Gotham Knights is a direct sequel, thanks to the fact that Batman appears to die at the end of the Arkham series. But this isn’t the case.

Red Hood in Gotham Knights is also not the same as Jason Todd as the Arkham Knight in the finale to the Arkham series. In the latest game, Jason Todd was killed by the Joker and resurrected by the Lazarus Pit.

Red Hood from Gotham Knights holding a gun

Jason Todd doesn’t meet this fate in Arkham Knight. Instead, he survived his torture by the Joker and sought revenge on Bruce Wayne. He’s later converted and becomes Red Hood after the events of the game.

It also appears that there are no plans to continue Batman’s story in the Arkhamverse. Arkham Knight developers Rocksteady are focusing on the upcoming Suicide Squad game.

Of course, if this isn’t the same universe as the Arkham series, is Batman really dead in Gotham Knights?

All of that being said, if you haven’t played the Arkham series, you don’t need to worry about catching up. Gotham Knights is a whole new universe and adventure for fans of Batman to enjoy.

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