If you’ve never played a Final Fantasy game before, you may be wondering if FF16 is a sequel of some kind or if you need to play the previous 15 games in the series.

Fortunately, dropping thousands of hours into all 15 games in the Final Fantasy franchise is not a requirement to enjoy FF16.

However, if you’re wondering whether or not you should at least play Final Fantasy 15, well, there is a definitive answer.

Is FF16 a Sequel to Final Fantasy 15?

No, Final Fantasy 16 is not a sequel to 2016’s Final Fantasy 15. FF16 is a standalone title that does not require you to play Final Fantasy 15 or any of its DLC content.

However, it shares many symbolic and iconographic similarities to Final Fantasy 15 that fans of that game will appreciate.

Nevertheless, there is absolutely no need to play Final Fantasy 15 in order to enjoy FF16. No characters or locations from Final Fantasy 15 will be in FF16.

Final Fantasy 15 gameplay

Do You Need to Play the Other Final Fantasy Games to Play FF16?

No, you do not need to play any other Final Fantasy games to enjoy or understand FF16.

It is a completely standalone experience that requires no prior knowledge of Final Fantasy games. It is set in a new world, features an entirely original cast of characters, and has a unique story.

There are, of course, minor references from across the wider Final Fantasy universe that appear in FF16. For example, your party member Cidolfus Telamon is a new spin on the recurring character Cid.

Additionally, the Eikons are based on Summons from previous Final Fantasy games, including Ifrit and Shiva.

Shiva and Cidolfus Telamon from Final Fantasy 16
Shiva and Cidolfus Telamon from Final Fantasy 16.

However, prior knowledge of these minor aspects of the Final Fantasy lore is not required to enjoy or understand FF16.

Like every Final Fantasy game in the mainline series, it has been developed with new players in mind. You are not expected to have played any other Final Fantasy game going into FF16.

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