Elden Ring offers multiplatform support on PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC, but only one is the superior version!

Elden Ring has launched on a wide array of consoles and PCs. As it is usual, performance on different platforms varies.

Even playing Elden Ring on PC with the right settings can make a vast difference in performance.

Now that current-gen consoles have more capable hardware, the comparison between PC and console has blurred a little on some aspects.

The game is finally out, and everyone has the chance to experience the game at its best on each platform.

With all this information now on the table, it is time to discuss which version of Elden Ring reigns supreme!

Elden Ring The Lands Between

Which Is the Best Version of Elden Ring: PS5, Xbox Series X, or PC?

If you are looking for an almost perfect 60 FPS version of the game, PS5 is the way to go, but with some sacrifices.

Digital Foundry, famous for its in-depth graphical performance analysis, determined all versions of the game in its current state suffer from technical issues.

If you run the PS4 version of Elden Ring on PS5 hardware, you can get almost locked 60 FPS. However, this also includes some graphical downgrades.

Regarding Xbox Series X, the framerate ranges from 40 to 60 frames. PS5 often sustains higher frame-rates but still within a similar range.

The PC version of Elden Ring is certainly not the best version to play, especially if you want to achieve a flawless experience.

Unfortunately, at its current state, Elden Ring on PC presents several stutters whenever new enemies, effects, or areas load on screen.

Additionally, stutters can also be observed when the loading of new areas occurs. These stutters range from a minor one-off frame to frame drops into the 40s range.

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Elden Ring Limgrave

Even if you get a rock-solid 60 FPS, you will require more than that to succeed on your journey in the Lands Between.

Make sure to choose a suitable starting class for your game style, especially if you are a beginner!

Also, make sure you master and comprehend a few Incantations and Sorceries. All these tips will certainly come in handy as you face the mighty enemies that await in Elden Ring.

Source: Eurogamer

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