EA FC 24 Pro Clubs is a mode where you team up with your friends and attempt to bring your club to glory, but is it available through cross-play or cross-platform?

Having the option to play with any of your friends on any platform is a feature that FC 24 players would welcome and one they have asked to arrive for years.

So, let’s dive into whether EA FC 24 Pro Clubs allows gamers to squad up alongside players on different consoles and platforms.

Is EA FC 24 Pro-Clubs Cross-Play?

Yes, EA FC 24 Pro Clubs supports cross-play, allowing players on the same console generation to team up and play together. For example, Xbox Series X│S players can join up with PS5 and PC users, while PS4 and Xbox One gamers can also play together.

Cross-play is unavailable between PC/PS5/Xbox Series XS and PS4/Xbox One due to platform limitations, as EA FC 24 is a separate game on each console generation.

The version of EA FC 24 on old-generation consoles like PS4 and Xbox One does not contain the same features as the current generation, such as Hypermotion V. This means that cross-play is not possible.

To be able to play together and use cross-play, all players in the club need to ensure they have it enabled.

Player Celebrating in EA FC 24 Pro Clubs

How to Turn on Cross-Play for EA FC 24 Pro Clubs

To enable cross-play on EA FC 24, you must open settings from the main menu. Then head to Online Settings, and in Matchmaking Options, you can toggle cross-play on.

  • On the main menu of EA FC 24, push the left analog stick to the left and press X/A.
  • Use the left analog to navigate to “Online Settings” and select it.
  • Now scroll to “Matchmaking Options.”
  • Toggle “Cross-play Enabled” to “On.”
  • Cross-play will now be available on all EA FC 24 modes, including Clubs.
Turn cross-play on in EA FC 24 Pro Clubs
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