No, the iconic Diagon Alley location does not appear in Hogwarts Legacy. While many fans expected it to feature at least at the beginning of the game, it is completely absent.

Hogwarts Legacy’s world map is restricted to the castle’s surrounding areas, including Hogsmeade, the Forbidden Forest, small hamlets, and dungeons.

Hogwarts Legacy does begin with the player in London, but you never step foot inside Diagon Alley. Instead, you quickly leave London before completing the Sorting Ceremony and choosing your Hogwarts House.

Fortunately, any shop you could find down Diagon Alley, such as Ollivanders, where you go to get your wand, is in Hogsmeade.

There you can find shops like Zonko’s Joke Shop, Pippin’s Potions, Tomes and Scrolls, and of course, the exclusive Haunted Hogsmeade Shop, which you get to run.

Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter movie
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Can You Explore Diagon Alley in Hogwarts Legacy?

No, unfortunately, you cannot explore Diagon Alley. The locations you can explore in Hogwarts Legacy are exclusively set in and around Hogwarts itself.

While it would certainly be impressive to explore Diagon Alley, there is no real need to visit it. This is because Hogsmeade serves the same function.

Fans are certainly going to be disappointed by the absence of Diagon Alley. However, there are still plenty more areas and secrets to discover in the open world.

the player entering Hogsmeade in Hogwarts Legacy

Will Diagon Alley Come to Hogwarts Legacy?

Diagon Alley might be added to Hogwarts Legacy in a future DLC if they decide to explore the regions outside of Hogwarts.

However, this has not been confirmed by the developers, and no DLC has been announced for Hogwarts Legacy at this moment.

So, while it is certainly possible that Diagon Alley could be added at a later date, fans shouldn’t expect it to come to the game.

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