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Is Combat Scout ‘Wall Hacks’ Perk Overpowered in Warzone Season 5?

The new ‘Combat Scout’ Perk in Warzone Season 5 has really changed the meta, but is it too powerful?

Before Season 5, the Perk meta in Warzone had become very stale. Almost everyone was running an identical Perk loadout of E.O.D, Overkill/Ghost, and Amped. However, Season 5 introduced two Warzone-exclusive Perks to the game.

Players loved the idea, but in practice one of these Perks might be way too good. Is the new Combat Scout Perk overpowered in Warzone?

But before you can decide whether Combat Scout is too powerful or not, you’ll need to know what the new Warzone Perks do:

Warzone Window

Are Combat Scout ‘Wall Hacks’ Too Powerful in Warzone?

While the latest update introduced some new content to Verdansk, including the new Season 5 ‘Rush’ Gulag as well as the large-scale 50v50 ‘Clash’ Warzone game mode, it is one of the new Perks that is getting all of the attention.

Part of the new Combat Scout Perk is highlighting opponents you shoot in a bright orange outline. much like a Snapshot grenade would. This is an extremely helpful ability, but can actually be way too good in certain situations.

A new viral TikTok shows a player completely abusing the Perk to eliminate an enemy through walls.

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You can shoot through the smaller buildings like houses in Warzone and the Combat Scout Perk lets players see anyone you hit through walls. This makes it extremely easy to kill players through walls as you can see them, but they can’t see you.

Warzone is overrun by hackers as it is, so the last thing Warzone needed was a legit way for players to have wallhacks!

Many players believe that this part of the perk should be toned down slightly, but aren’t sure of the best way to do it. Hopefully, Raven Software works out the best solution for this in a future update because otherwise, players will continue to abuse the Combat Scout Perk.

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In other news, Warzone players have revealed why Warzone needs an FOV slider on console. Let’s hope that Raven Software adds one eventually!

Also, Combat Scout isn’t the only problem Warzone players have right now. Now, the mysterious Red Doors are transporting players out of the map.

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