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Is Cold War League Play Broken? Pro Player Put in Bottom Rank

Some Cold War players think that League Play is totally broken. How can pro players not be in the top rank?

Cold War players requested a League Play mode for the game for a long time. Although the launch of the mode has been rough, to say the least.

League Play is a new competitive mode for Cold War multiplayer where players can work their way up the ranks. Although many players have been disappointed with the competitive nature of the game mode so far.

Some players even hate the new League Play mode for these reasons. However, they might be justified as the ranks of many pro COD players are way lower than they should be.

Black Ops Cold War

Is Cold War League Play Broken?

The Call of Duty League is made up of 48 of the top COD players in the world. It would make sense that they would all be ranked in League Play’s top rank, Master, as they are all definitely in the top 2% of players in the world.

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However, many pro players have found themselves put in lower ranks. One pro player even found himself in the lowest possible rank for the bottom 50% of players.

Black Ops Cold War League Play

Pro Player Ranks in League Play

Twitter account CDL Intel has shared a list of pro players who somehow haven’t managed to get into the top rank for Cold War’s League Play.

Florida Mutineers player Owakening apparently got a K/D ratio of 10 in his placement matches and won them all.

However, he ended up in Cold War’s bottom rank for League Play – competitor. Other pro CDL players also ended up in lower ranks than expected too, which shows that the League Play placement matches could be broken.

CDL Intel Twitter

Treyarch Game Design Director David Vonderhaar has responded to some players’ concerns about League Play in Cold War. However, fans can surely expect some changes to the mode soon.

Meanwhile, a leaker has confirmed the developer of Call of Duty 2021. Treyarch has also released a new trailer for Cold War and Warzone Season 2.

Some of the new season content has also leaked early too. An insider has revealed that a familiar Zombies character will be one of Season 2’s new operators. According to leaks, these four weapons will also be coming in Cold War and Warzone Season two.

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Monday 15th of February 2021

I got deranked for winning my placement match from expert to advanced does it make sense? is it about playtime and how many matches or about skill? i can prove with video from my stream on my youtube channel lol