Players know that Batman is dead in Gotham Knights, but there are loopholes in superhero stories, so does he stay dead?

Batman is iconic. Warner Bros. Montreal was bold when they decided to base a new IP on a Gotham without Batman with their latest release.

However, those hoping to see Batman in action, or even play as him may be let down.

We're going to be spoiling big plot points for Gotham Knight's story, including the ending. Don't read on if you're hoping to play the game without it being spoiled for you.

Is Batman Alive in Gotham Knights?

No, Batman is well and truly dead in the Gotham Knights universe. He meets his demise prior to the start of the game, while fighting Ra’s al Ghul.

At the start of the game, he’s alive and fighting Ra’s al Ghul, the leader of the League of Shadows. Both Bruce Wayne and Ra’s al Ghul meet their demise during the fight when Batman detonates the Batcave.

Batman's death scene in Gotham Knights

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This is how the plot kicks off, with Batman’s quartet of sidekicks hoping to continue Batman’s protection of Gotham alone. But Bruce doesn’t stay dead for the whole game.

Does Batman Come Back to Life?

Spoilers for the ending, but yes, Batman does return for a few moments, thanks to the League of Shadows’ Lazarus Pit.

Talia al Ghul, leader of the League of Shadows and daughter of Ra’s al Ghul, brings him back to life without his free will. This is so he can replace Ra’s al Ghul as head of the League. Talia’s plan is to destroy Gotham, and rebuild it, while also killing the Court of Owls.

After the Knights fight Batman to bring him back to normal, he then sacrifices himself to destroy the Lazarus Pit. This is so the League of Shadows and the Court of Owls can’t use it to bring back their army. After this, Bruce Wayne is well and truly gone.

The epilogue returns players to the normal open world, but there are pieces of dialogue that follow the wake of Bruce’s second death. The characters comment that it feels like “he’s finally at peace”.

But Batman isn’t the only one missing, as some players are wondering where Joker is in Gotham Knights.

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