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Is Apex Legends Mobile Cross-Play With Console & PC?

Apex Legends took the battle royale player base by storm. No wonder Respawn Entertainment went in a direction of a mobile version of the game. But does Apex Legends Mobile have cross-play with other platforms?

Apex Legends has its release about two years ago in 2020. Later on in the game’s lifespan cross-play was added for all platforms.

Players from PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and even Nintendo Switch could all play together. All you need to do is enable cross-play in Apex Legends’ options and invite your friends.

Apex Legends Mobile is available for pre-registration and is scheduled to fully release later this year. It is available in some countries already. You can pre-register on Android or iOS systems.

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Respawn Entertainment

Does Apex Legends Mobile Have Cross-Play?

Apex Legends Mobile does not offer cross-play between mobile and PC/consoles.

In Apex Legends Mobile you are able to play only with other mobile players. You cannot play with PC or console players. The only option, for now, is to play with other mobile users.

Additionally, there are no current plans to introduce that option to Apex Legends Mobile although that might change in the future. At the moment the game is only starting to release worldwide and the priorities are elsewhere.

Respawn Entertainment needs to focus on the game’s balance, stability, accessibility, and content. But cross-play is often a very requested feature by everyone.

There is a chance it could never come. After all, the classic and mobile versions could be too different from one another as balance is tricky to maintain between the platforms.

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