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Is Activision Banning Hackers on Popular Warzone Streams?

Activision might not be implementing a proper Warzone anti-cheat, but could the company be banning hackers on popular streams?

Warzone hackers are the game’s biggest problem, and they’re not getting any easier to deal with. Despite Raven Software’s claim that the Warzone developer has banned half a million hackers to date, not enough is being done to stem the flow.

After all, malicious users can easily make a new Warzone account for free, and load in with the same cheats as before. And when cheaters in Warzone can bend or ricochet bullets at you, there’s almost no way to fight back against the hacks.

Warzone Season 3 Reloaded
(Source: Activision)

Interestingly though, it looks like Activision might actually be using popular streams when it comes to banning hackers. We first saw it recently when Warzone cheaters got a ban on CouRageJD’s stream – and now the user is back with another example!

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NICKMERCS, TimTheTatman, and CouRageJD Get a Hacker Banned Live on Stream

In a recent stream, NICKMERCS, TimTheTatman, and CouRageJD may have been responsible for a hacker getting banned instantly.

When streaming in a trio, these popular Warzone players can destroy the battle royale with ease. However, things get a little more difficult when hackers get involved.

This time though, when the users go down to a hacker, Activision quickly steps up with the ban hammer. Previously, the company promised that it was investing more resources in Warzone anti-cheat.

After an impressive run, TimTheTatman is the only member of the Warzone squad left standing. However, the user ends up dying instantly to a hip-fire sniper shot through a wall.

(Source: Activision)

“He’s got 27 kills, ban him live” calls out CouRageJD. The streamer then reports that he’s sending over the details to his Activision contact.

The three Twitch users then spend time spectating the player, who is clearly using an aimbot and wallhacks at the very least. They take out enemy players at ridiculous ranges, all without a sniper scope, and even get some insane kills while in the gas.

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Warzone Cheater Banned Live on Stream

Eventually though, the Warzone hacker begins to run forward while being shot and gets downed. The watchers immediately predict that the cheater has been banned, and a quick database search reveals that they were correct.

“Thank you Activision,” NICKMERCS laughs. “Together we are doing great things.”

Last time, it took CouRageJD tweeting at Activision about the hackers to get the cheating players a ban. This time around, perhaps the Warzone publisher was already tuning into the stream.

(Source: CouRageJD/100 Thieves)

Getting employees to ban hackers on popular streams would be a great way to make it seem like Warzone’s anti-cheat is working. However, in the grand scheme of things, it does very little to help the problem other than getting a handful of bans seen by thousands.

Raven Software is clearly listening to fans right now. Just look at the upcoming Warzone Stopping Power nerf for all the evidence you need.

What’s more, Warzone Season 3’s balance is the best it’s ever been. But Warzone desperately needs a working anti-cheat to stay afloat.

And NICKMERCS believes that a Warzone anti-cheat may not even be possible

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