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Invite-Only PS5 Restock at PlayStation Direct Today – November 22

Find out all of the details about the invite-only PlayStation Direct PS5 restock dropping later today – November 22.

The PS5 has been extremely difficult to buy in the year after its launch, but the PS Direct online store has been a great place for PlayStation fans to get their console.

Luckily, Sony has been emailing out PlayStation Direct restock invites to PlayStation fans, giving them a chance to buy a PS5.

While the numbers of consoles are limited, the restocks come very regularly. In fact, PS Direct had two PS5 restocks last week and will be holding yet another one today, November 22.

Check our guide on how to buy a PS5 from Sony PlayStation Direct for the best chance of getting a console.


Invite-Only PlayStation Direct PS5 Online Stock Drop – November 22

With many retailers hoarding consoles for huge Black Friday sales it has been difficult to buy a PS5 recently. PlayStation Direct is here to save the day!

Last night, Sony sent out a new batch of email invitations to PlayStation fans, asking them to participate in the November 22 PS5 restock on the PS Direct website.

The PlayStation Direct online store is the only place where you can get a PS5 straight from Sony.

This restock, like previous PS Direct stock drops, will only be open to invited customers. Therefore, you’ll want to check your inbox to see if you are one of the lucky few who can take part.

If you didn’t get an email, then make sure you know how to sign up and register for PlayStation Direct restock email invites.

Sony PS5

Those invited to the November 22 PlayStation Direct PS5 restock have a specific time window to buy their console. This exclusive access purchase period is at 11 AM – 4 PM PT / 2 PM – 7 PM ET.

There are plenty more expected PS5 restocks from November 22-28. Stay vigilant and be ready to buy a PS5 at any time.

Plus, we’ve also made a handy guide on where to get a PS5 on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It’s still a few days away, but these days might be your best chance to get a new console.

Although, if you want a PS5 as soon as possible, then there’s another option for you. Walmart is having a huge PS5 and Xbox Series X restock later today – November 22!

Finally, for readers in Europe, PlayStation Direct has just opened a UK & EU store. Let’s hope the restocks there are just as often.

PlayStation Direct November 22 PS5 Restock Invitation Email
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