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Invite-Only PS5 Restock at PlayStation Direct – December 14

It looks like the PlayStation Direct Store will be having yet another PS5 restock on Tuesday, December 14, for invited customers!

Buying a PS5 has been a real struggle for over a year now and gamers are getting even more desperate as Christmas approaches.

Luckily, we’ve got a guide on the best way to get a PS5 before the Christmas holidays. What’s more Sony looks to be having yet another PS5 restock soon.

Find out all of the details about the upcoming December 14 PS5 restock at PlayStation Direct! This could be one of the last chances to get a PS5 before Christmas!

Also, here’s every expected PS5 restock from December 13-19.

PS5 Console

Email Invite PlayStation Direct PS5 Restock – December 14

We already knew that PlayStation Direct is holding a PS5 restock on December 13, but it looks like the retailer will be having yet another restock the following day too.

Buying a PS5 directly from Sony is one of the most reliable ways to get a new console. However, it’s not as simple as just buying one from the website.

All of the PlayStation Direct PS5 restocks are for invited PlayStation fans only. This means that you’ll need a PlayStation Direct email invite to get access to the sale.

Sony has now sent out invitations for a PS5 restock on December 14, making this the second restock in two days. Be sure to check your inbox to see if Sony invited you.

Find out how to register and get a PlayStation Direct PS5 Restock Email Invite if you didn’t receive one.

PS Direct PS5 Restock December 14

Customers invited to the PlayStation Direct PS5 restock on December 14 will have a window where they can buy their console. They can purchase a PS5 from 11 AM – 4 PM PT / 2 PM – 7 PM ET from the PlayStation Direct website.

Here’s How to Buy a PS5 From PlayStation Direct – this will help you secure your console.

Meanwhile, there is still some more hope for gamers looking to get a new console before the holiday period. Although, there is no concrete restock info yet.

Following GameStop hinting at a huge PS5 and Xbox Series X restock before Christmas, there is some important new info. A leak has revealed some new GameStop PS5 bundles for an upcoming PS5 restock.

Finally, check out the mind-blowing latest PS5 sales numbers. Despite the scarcity, Sony’s newest console has been selling extremely well so far!

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Tuesday 14th of December 2021

I got an invite to the PS5 sony direct event. The event started at 11am PST. I got in at about 11:10am PST -- and they were already out of stock. WTF?