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Invite-Only PlayStation Direct PS5 Restock Happening October 20

Sony is once again opening its PS Direct PS5 queue for yet another restock. Although, this time, there is a twist.

PlayStation Direct is surely not the easiest way to get your PS5, but it is the less hectic one.

Generally, Sony opens up a queue, and gamers wait for their turn to get a PS5.

Stock goes fast, so most gamers in queue end up missing the chance to get their console.

This time around, Sony confirmed an invite-only PS Direct PS5 restock. But, there are some twists to the usual protocol these restocks follow.

Invite PS Direct PS5 restock
Source: Sony

Invite-Only PlayStation Direct PS5 Restock for October 20

Sony is sending out invites already for its invite-only PS Direct PS5 restock.

This restock is taking place tomorrow, and it will be for those who registered on the PlayStation Direct site and received an invitation.

The protocol for this restock will be somewhat different this time around.

For instance, gamers will have a broader time window to get their consoles.

Customers are receiving an email with a unique link to get their consoles and a designated five-hour time frame to make the purchase.

Want to participate in this restock? Here’s How to Register & Get an Email for PlayStation Direct PS5 Restocks

PS5 at PlayStation Direct - October 20
PlayStation Direct invitation for October 20

UPDATE: PlayStation Direct is also having a PS5 restock on October 21.

On previous invite-only PlayStation Direct PS5 restocks, gamers had only a couple of hours to complete their PS5 purchase.

Sony is certainly aiming to make this process easier for consumers, which is surely welcomed.

PS Direct is not an option? PS5 Restock: GameStop, PS Direct, Walmart, Best Buy & More Expected to Drop This Week – October 18-24

Other retailers like GameStop are trying to make getting a console easier by hosting in-store events.

In particular, GameStop recently announced an in-store PS5 restock.

If you’re interested in this restock, these are all the stores participating in the GameStop in-store PS5 restock.

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william E jenkins

Thursday 21st of October 2021

Had me keep waiting just to have errors..just start putting them in the stores or go through playstation store..scalpers keep getting them


Wednesday 20th of October 2021

I just received an email for an invite sale tomorrow, 10/21/2021.

Wednesday 20th of October 2021

@A dude,

Wednesday 20th of October 2021

I got mine just need PSN and sign up on


Wednesday 20th of October 2021

Don’t waste your time. Even though you get the invite it’s still Sony’s horrible queue game! You’re better off with a bundle from GameStop.