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Insomniac Hint That Their 1080p Games Could Still Use Ray Tracing

Insomniac Games recently showed the world how incredible their ray tracing effects were on PS5. They've shown off clips of Spider-Man: Miles Morales which will take full advantage of the technology. But they’ve now hinted they may also bring ray tracing to non-4K games.

Ray tracing is a visual system that enables light to replicate real life, allowing game worlds to mimic real light. Essentially it makes light obey the laws of physics like it would in the real world; rather than being programmed to do this at different scripted points.

4K resolution and over 60fps help enable this technology in ways previous consoles haven’t been able too. The refresh rate is arguably more important than the resolution, as this allows the frames to keep up with the light.

The PS5 will allow ray tracing technology to become the new standard, allowing future games to take full advantage. But 4K isn’t necessarily needed to use it.

PS5 Ray Tracing In HD

Not every proud new PS5 owner will own a 4K TV. Many will be waiting for TVs to catch up with PC monitors in terms of refresh rate.

While other people may not be able to afford a 4K upgrade yet. This means they’ll be playing their PS5 console in 1080p instead of 4K.

TVs and monitors are expensive, so we imagine this will reflect a lot of PS5 owners at launch. Although ray tracing could still be possible on HD TVs.

You see it’s the frame refresh rate that’s important. Some 1080p TVs and monitors may still be able to handle 60fps, even if they aren’t fully 4K.

Meaning those with older TVs will still be able to experience many of the PS5’s visual upgrades over the PS4. Providing that developers make an effort to ensure it.

Insomniac on Ray Tracing in 1080p

In a recent Twitter exchange Insomniac was asked if they’d consider patching their games to enable HD PS5 users with 60fps TV to benefit from ray tracing. Insomniac replied with a tentative emoji.

Read the exchange for yourself:

We think developers and Sony will prioritise launch of the PS5 first. But after this, updates to existing games will then get more attention.

One that allows ray tracing technology to work on PS5 games that render in HD seems perfectly plausible to us.

Check out Miles Morales insane ray tracing effects on PS5 here.

Insomniac Games have also said developers are only “scratching the surface” when it comes to PS5. Also, check out the what the early PS5 reviews are saying.


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