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Insane Number of Nintendo Direct Fans Tune in Early for Today’s Reveals

It’s been months since the last major Nintendo Direct and these fans are more than a little excited.

Yesterday, Nintendo announced its first Direct since September 2019, and to say fans are hyped would be an understatement. Speculation is rife, as Nintendo lovers all want to see their favorite title get additional content or a sequel.

There’s big pressure on Nintendo to deliver, as fans eagerly await news about the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes, the next Super Smash Bros. fighter, and a new Zelda remaster.

Nintendo Direct February 2021

And with 50 minutes of content promised for later today, there’s a reason for the hype train this time around. However, some Nintendo fans do seem a little over-eager about today’s Direct.

Nintendo Direct Viewers Surge, Hours Before Release

Despite the February Nintendo Direct being hours away, viewers are already piling into the stream.

The latest Nintendo Direct is set to go live at 2:00 pm PT which is approximately 9 hours away at the time of writing. Yet the Nintendo Direct has well over 13,000 viewers right now – a figure that is rising fast.

What’s more, the Nintendo Direct already has over 69,000 thumbs up from eager fans.

nintendo direct viewers early

It’s one thing to feel excitement over Nintendo’s first Direct in over a year, and another thing entirely to be waiting for it for over a full working day.

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In the time between now and the Nintendo Direct, those 13,000 viewers could probably complete the main story of the newly-released Super Mario 3D World remake.

However, a new leak suggests that Breath of the Wild 2 could release sooner than anticipated. With that in mind, we can’t blame Nintendo fans for being a little too excited.

There’s also speculation that today’s stream may include our first look at the Nintendo Switch Pro. However, Nintendo isn’t likely to announce its new console quite this early.

Fans should temper their expectations somewhat, especially as the new February Nintendo Direct announcement states that it’s focussing on the first half of 2021.

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