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Insane GTA 6 Release Date Predicted By Desperate Fans

A potential GTA 6 release date tease has been found by fans, but is it to be believed, or is it simply wishful thinking?

Some GTA fans believe that Rockstar has teased GTA 6 yet again in their weekly update for GTA Online. However, the tease might not be as blatant as you expect.

Fans could be getting excited over nothing, or Rockstar really could be teasing a GTA 6 release date in the latest update. It's true that Rockstar is no stranger to using Easter eggs and teases for their upcoming titles.

If you are interested in seeing the GTA 6 teaser discovered in an updated trailer for GTA Online, you can read about it right here. However, the latest tease does need to be treated with a pinch of salt...

GTA 6 Release Date Teased

Rockstar Games may have teased GTA 6's release date in a recent update to GTA Online.

Interestingly enough, this isn't the first time Rockstar has teased the game in this way. Recently, Rockstar Games hinted at where GTA 6's map location may take place.

The tease this time around involves a promotional image released via Rockstar's Newswire post. It has led fans to believe that there is a secret reference to the much-anticipated game in the franchise.

The post concerns the latest addition to the game, the Vetir truck. In the image, some fans believe they have spotted a subtle allusion to GTA 6's release date.

Take a look at the image below and pay specific attention to the way the font breaks up each individual letter.

GTA 6 Release Date Tease
GTA 6 Release Date Tease?

That's right, some fans believe that the V and E combine to resemble the number six in Roman Numerals, or VI. This quite obviously corresponds with GTA 6, being the next installment of the GTA series.

Special attention is also drawn to these characters in the lighting of the font. As you can see the 'V' and 'E' are both illuminated. This draws the eye to the characters and could be intentionally designed.

However, where is GTA 6's release date mentioned you might ask? Well, if you look at the 'T' and the 'I' in the font, it could be said that they resemble numbers.

Fans believe that the 'T' and 'I' actually make up '7' and '11'. Therefore, this could suggest Rockstar plan to announce or release the game on November 7th.

Alternatively, however, this could also be interpreted as a rather desperate attempt to make the pieces fit. This would also be surprising considering a GTA 6 announcement could be coming at the Super Bowl this month.

GTA VI Leaks and Rumors

Although this is not the most credible or obvious of teases for GTA 6, it is still possible. However, there are a ton of leaks and rumors circulating at the moment regarding GTA 6.

Recently a number of Rockstar patents hint at new and improved features in the next installment of GTA. One of which suggests that GTA 6 will have this next-gen feature.

Another patent also shined a light on the kind of NPC's you might expect from the next game. Apparently, GTA 6's NPCs could be vastly upgraded from the likes of which we've seen in GTA 5.

It's likely GTA 6 is in development right now, however, we can't be sure that that game is anywhere near ready. It's highly unlikely that GTA 6 will release on the very optimistic November 7th, although fans are hopeful.

GTA 6 Rumors and Leaks

Interestingly, one insider has confirmed that GTA 6 is currently in production. Likewise, a recent leak regarding a Rockstar employee's profile has also shined a light on the upcoming game.

Finally, info regarding GTA 6's protagonist also leaked not too long ago, and the details might surprise you. You can take a look at the GTA 6 protagonist leak here.

In the mean-time, GTA fans have the next-gen release of GTA 5 to look forward to, It promises improved performance and faster loading times.

GTA 5 continues to be one of the most consistently successful games in video-game history. The expectations from Rockstar to deliver an even better installment are very high indeed.

For more info on the next-gen version of GTA 5, you can take a read of our summary here. If you want to see the Rockstar Newswire post for yourself, click here.

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