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Innocent Warzone PC Players Wrongly Banned by Activision

Warzone players have been wrongly banned from playing the game on the PCs, but why is Activision doing nothing about it?

Raven Software has banned a countless number of Warzone players, mostly for hacking. However, not every banned Warzone player is guilty.

Innocent players getting bans has been a problem for a while now. A glitch has previously banned plenty of Warzone players who weren’t cheating. However, a new problem has arisen which is possibly even more frustrating than before.

Why is Activision keeping wrongly accused players banned from playing Warzone?

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Warzone PC Players on Windows 11 Wrongly Banned & Incorrectly Accused of Cheating

Warzone developer Raven Software regularly bans players for cheating. What’s more, the studio is even banning toxic Warzone players now too.

However, despite the huge ban waves for cheaters playing Warzone, the game still gets it wrong sometimes.

One Warzone player has been permanently banned for using helpful PC gaming software Overwolf on Windows 11. However, upon sharing this experience to the Warzone subreddit, he found that many other players have also been victims of this.

Warzone’s current anti-cheat system seems to think that Overwolf on Windows 11 is a cheat and, therefore, bans any players using it.

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“It is laughable that while hundreds of actual cheats continue to blatantly aimbot and wallhack every day and never get banned, I am permanently banned for not knowing that Overwolf would crash my Cold War and result in it being flagged as a cheat.”

WraithGG Reddit

What makes this even worse is that the player claims to have contacted Activision to get help for this and the publisher said that it cannot unban his account. This is despite Activision supposedly saying that the ban was an error.

For the time being, we recommend not using Overwolf when playing Warzone on PC as it could lead to your account being permanently banned.

Let’s just hope that the new Warzone RICOCHET anti-cheat system doesn’t have this huge problem when it arrives.

However, there is a major worry about this system already. Rumors suggest that cheat manufacturers are already developing hacks to get around RICOCHET.

Finally, not all Warzone cheats are software, some are controller mods. Luckily we have the answer to the question many players are asking – will Warzone’s RICOCHET anti-cheat detect Cronus and XIM?

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